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How to repair PDF file of Adobe Acrobat/Adobe Reader

Modified on 01/01/2019

A comprehensive Adobe PDF Repair Tool for fast, smooth and hassle-free recovery of data from damaged Adobe PDF documents. If you don't know how to repair corrupt PDF files damaged in a system crash, this program is exactly what you need to get the job done in seconds!

The repairing of corrupted *.pdf file of Adobe Reader / Adobe Acrobat - step-by-step instruction:

  1. Download PDF Repair Kit here:
  2. Install PDF Repair Kit
  3. Start PDF Repair Kit
  4. Select the file name of corrupted PDF file
  5. Press Next
  6. Select the name of output *.pdf file
  7. Press Next
  8. Select the version of output *.pdf file
  9. Press Save file button

How to repair PDF file damaged?

How to repair damaged PDF file?

PDF Repair Kit is a comprehensive, powerful, yet compact and widely accessible Adobe PDF repair tool intended for a broad range of users willing to find out how to repair PDF file damaged in various data corruption accidents: from file system crashes and hard drive failures to interrupted transmissions and attacks of malware targeting PDF documents.

The program uses a powerful data analysis core that relies on a set of intelligent algorithms to open, scan, analyze damaged PDF documents and successfully extract the maximum of valuable data from them. Thanks to its extremely intuitive user interface, PDF Repair Kit is 100% suitable for any user willing to know how to repair damaged PDF file data on their own - without having to look for a specialized service, outsourcing this task to them and, eventually, handing the files with potentially confidential information to them.

PDF Repair Kit makes this completely unnecessary and fully automates the recovery process with the help of a convenient wizard that dramatically simplifies data recovery and makes the program a perfect pick for those who don't have a clue how to repair broken PDF files. The program is compatible with a wide range of PDF file versions and is even capable of fixing the errors caused by defects in PDF generation software.

One of the main features of the program is its ability to identify and restore links to media objects missing in a damaged document due to its corruption. This enables users to restore the entire document by pieces, from text and tables to images and embedded media objects.

PDF repair software download

When saving recovered data, the program prompts the user for the desired version of the output PDF file. However, inexperienced users who don't know how to repair corrupt PDF files can leave the settings unchanged and proceed to saving the data.

How to repair corrupt PDF files?

Some of the most notable features of PDF Repair Kit are listed below:

  • An ability to open damaged PDF files of all versions, including those that have the most complex structure - with images, tables and media objects.
  • Use of advanced recovery algorithms that guarantee maximum recovery efficiency while maintaining the speed of the program on the top level.
  • Ultra-intuitive wizard-driven interface that makes data recovery easy for the most inexperienced users.
  • An ability to find and restore unlinked pages in damaged PDF files.
  • An ability to scan the pages of corrupted PDF documents for links to media objects not shown in them.
  • The use of special algorithms enables the software to repair known issues in PDF file editors.
  • Possibility to save data to compressed and uncompressed PDF files.
  • Support of the most popular versions of Windows and PDF files.
  • A compact PDF repair software download that takes seconds to install.
  • No additional components, tools or libraries required.
How to repair broken PDF files?

Users are strongly encouraged to try the free demo version of PDF Repair Kit prior to purchasing a license.

System requirements: Windows 98 and above

Customer's reviews and ratings
Santino Dwayne 2020-08-10

How glad I was when I see the contents of the file - it's fantastic! The program repairs the file without errors, the only thing was that the pictures moved down the file, the text remained in its place.

Dibble 2020-07-23

The file downloaded after repair contained: The only plus is that my PDF file was made in a different sheet format (not A4). And I got exactly the right size for printing flyers on a printer. But the minus is that the font on the last two cards has become standard, instead of Gothic/Heartless

Peevenus3131 2020-07-08

The trial version of the program will detect many errors of an unreadable PDF document after analyze, which contains a profile for the visa program. Before buying a program, I saw that the price is lower than online recovery than buying programs that are doubly pleased. As a result, I received a restored visa form and made a copy in the cloud, just in case.

Wisenheimer 2020-06-24

When I had been editing PDF document, it was damaged. After previewing, I downloaded the file and found that the file was restored to the previous working version, and the latest changes were not restored.

Maelstrom 2020-06-10

The virus damaged all my e-books with the extension .PDF. After restoring these books, I saw that the original file is different from the restored one. In the restored books, all the images on the last pages in the books were moved.

Cypollse 2020-05-04

Due to the bad structure of the PDF file, Adobe Acrobat cannot open the file. Preview analyze shows many errors found. Using the online recovery, I decided to download the program. But for some reason, the program after fixed the damaged file, gives a demo version of only the first page. The program is great for those who work with profiles in a PDF file.

Elfiede Nirwana Sihite 2020-03-27


DrakeOwl 2020-02-27

After incorrect saved, my file opens, but the drawing is not visible, I do not know how it happened. Through the preview, I was able to see my drawing from the uploaded file. Everything is ok, I restored the pdf file by selecting online recovery. P.S Please write under CAPTCHA code, that CAPTCHA is case-sensitive.

ulan 2019-11-11


Azis saepul 2019-03-23

Semoga bisa membantu

Andy 2018-10-29

My document recovered not fully. Part of images was lost.

Dina natalia 2018-10-02

Victor 2018-10-02

90% of document was repaired

NS 2018-09-09


nada 2018-08-30

This app is good

nada 2018-08-30


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